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  • Hi - I notice you are rejecting some high quality UK maps (Gainsborough, Strathshire for example) that are hosted on very respected UK OMSI site FellowsFilm. This will cause you to lose UK customers who will be forced to drive these maps outside of Bus Company Simulator. Maybe you need a different financial model? How about Sponsored Maps where customers pay an additional sum to help fund the cost of putting the map onto Bus Company Simulator / OmniNav ? Or leased maps where customers pay a monthly fee (say via Patreon or similar) to enjoy a greater range of maps?

    The problem with your current financial model is that once customer has paid for Bus Company Simulator you are getting no additional sales revenue but being asked to do work to add maps.


  • I totally agree.

    I don't see any point on rejecting freeware maps on these websites, like strefa-omsi.pl or fellowsfilm.com.

    Mostly these players who wants these polish or english maps already has account on these websites and I don't really understand why these maps should be rejected.

    Is the map is full version? Yes -> Everything is downloadable? Yes -> Then I don't know why isn't should be rejected.

    Player isn't forced! to download these maps and if he wants it.

    Polish + english community is the smallest, do you know why? Because there are these stupid rules. Everyone wants to play maps from their country and not from Germany and I'm really agree with them.

    PeDePe is robbed from profit due to this, but if they want it like this. and wants it... let's keep these stupid rules there.

    At overall, all rules for accepting maps are a little bit crazy and nonsence and overhaul is really needed as fast as possible.



  • I agree with what you said carry on they Pedepe is going nobody from the UK is every going to use their stuff again control centre just come out most of UK Community not buying it cause can't use British stuff all German maps part from handful think rules are bit unfair with the British community think needs to be changed before it to late

  • Hi,

    thank you for your feedback.

    We want to offer as many maps as possible, that is why we have revised our rules for releasing the maps and will review all rejected maps again. Maps must not be downloadable for everyone without registration anymore.

    Mit freundlichen Grüßen / Best regards
    Phillip Polster
    - PeDePe -

  • "Maps must not be downloadable for everyone without registration anymore" -> In order to download any asset (map, bus etc..) from FellowsFilm website you must be registered and logged into that site - otherwise Download option is disabled. So maps (e.g. Gainsborough, Strathshire etc) on this website meet you criteria.