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    To whom it may concern,
    I am writing to report OmniNavigation in OMSI 2 have some problem.

    First,OmniNavigation will start loading on Choose Map Screen not while OMSI loading Map.

    Then, the OmniNavigation Could not detech which maps I am playing and only Ioad last map I played.

    So, the OmniNavigation map is showing wrong map to me but I can't change it.

    Maybe hard to explain, so I record the video and upload here.

    In this video, the OmniNavigation load the A map which last map I played, and not match now I play B map.

    I already verify the addon with Steam but its could not slove this problem.

    Second, I open OmniNavigation from Steam, its always show I need active product. That is annoying for me because if I didn't active, OMSI will not show the roadmap on my screen.

    So, what should I do?



    Here the map download link:

    Hi, I want the BCS can be support this maps
    This maps is created by NTE Team in OMSI 2

    and the map is LHT realistic maps in Hong Kong

    Bus who can play on this Map:

    Volvo Wright Family:

    Original by GX7767

    Sound & tune & script by MB Workshop

    Texture by NX Studio

    Model edit by EC & various OMSI players…TrR5t9-bRAbMZmEG6bSk1iKo0

    ADL_E500_MMC V3 By MB Workshop and Winsome 3D Workshop…omsi_downloade500mmc.html

    I go the new iPad last day and try to install Busbetrieb-Simulator Assistent on App Store. However, the App Store show I can't download because I can't use in my country. [Country : Hong Kong]

    But I can use the same app on my android phone in same country.

    So, how can download the app on my iPad, or I need use VPN to download?


    I like omninavigation but there have a problem:(, the roadmap from OMSI 2 editor is always crash;(, so I can't use some map with omninavigation.
    I want your team to design a program to create a roadmap without OMSI 2.

    Hope you can accept this feedback
    Have a nice day!