Control Center Simulator

Why exclusive beta?

We deliberately chose an exclusive beta because we want to offer players the best possible gaming experience at all times. The control center simulator is a very complex project both technically and organizationally. It has to be ensured that the balancing between the offered control center events and the drivers is well balanced, which we cannot guarantee from the first second on. Through the exclusive beta, we hope for a better distribution of new players instead of a single huge rush of new players who may not be able to find a free control center event.
Technically, the big challenge is to support all OMSI 2 maps and busses, but there may still be bugs with some maps that we want to find and fix during the exclusive beta. Additionally, the whole server structure is very complex, so we can not guarantee that there won't be any initial bugs, especially with a lot of players.
Nevertheless, the control center simulator has been tested internally for a long time. We do not want to pass on the test effort, which we can perform ourselves, to the customer.

When will the Standard Edition be released?

The standard version will be released at 21.05.2020.

Why do we offer two versions?

Our goal was to keep the base price for the Control Center Simulator as low as possible, so there are two different versions. The basic version already contains the complete game. The Deluxe version also includes the Control Center Simulator Assistant App for Android and iOS, as well as access to the exclusive beta. So every player has the possibility to pay only for what he wants to pay for, without a higher basic price for everyone.

Does the Control Center Simulator replace the Bus Company Simulator?

No. The Control Center Simulator is an extra DLC for OMSI 2, which is also compatible with the Bus Company Simulator. Both products are different and complement each other. The Bus Company Simulator concentrates on the management and playing in a virtual bus company, the Control Center Simulator on the collective organizing and driving of control center events.
The 3D company premises is a very extensive revision of the BCS company premises. (Changelog). Bus Company Simulator users receive the new company premises as a free update, thus also the compatibility between the products is guaranteed. In addition, BCS users receive a discount on the Control Center Simulator.