for OMSI 2

Useful and simple OMSI 2 navigation system, which fits perfectly in the OMSI overlay.

by PeDePe

Simple and clear

Nice and simple navigation system which makes the OMSI 2 route arrows unnecessary.


Other players and information about their tours can be seen on the minimap.

Bus stops

All OMSI 2 bus stops are marked in the map.


Compatible with alls OMSI 2 payware maps and more than 80 freeware maps (State: February 2019). Own maps can be added too.


The navigation system shows your current route and the position of your bus. So you don't need the often confusing OMSI 2 route arrows anymore and you will always find the right way easily.

Convince yourself!

"It's finally possible to drive new lines without route arrows. With the new nav this is possible and is much more fun."


"I love the nav!"


"Without nav, without me."

Reini 1190


  • Accurate OMSI position detection and navigation
  • Compatible with a lot of maps (also with own maps)
  • Extremely easy to use
  • Automatic rotation of the map
  • Live synchronisation with other players