In this update we have implemented some of your most requested features! We have also fixed many reported bugs.

New features:

- Size of the premises doubled

- 5 new bus access roads added to the site to avoid traffic jams

- Tasks (washing, refuelling, etc.) can now be ordered at the same time, even if no staff or items are available, and will be processed automatically afterwards

- Brazilian currency added

- Many new features in the shift plan

Shift schedule:

- A desired vehicle group can now be stored per shift. The vehicles are grouped according to their size by default. However, it is also possible to create your own vehicle groups and thus group the buses according to your own wishes

- Added automatic assignment for bus drivers only

- Shift plan can now be deleted / reseted

- When automatically assigning bus drivers, the bus drivers with the lowest workload are now assigned first

- The expected passenger volume is now displayed in the shift plan

- When assigning bus drivers, it is now visible how many hours they have already been assigned in the previous 7 days

- 6 instead of 4 buses are now displayed per page


- Travel times can now be copied for sub-schedules

- When adding stops to a line, the journey times will no longer be reset.

- For public service lines, the departure time can now be changed by a few minutes in order to create better connections to other lines

- In the timetable preview, the bus stops on the left are now permanently displayed, even if you scroll to the right


- General performance improvements in the company premises

- Performance at night improved

- Regular FPS drops in large savegames, especially with many passengers, have been fixed.

- After loading the game, in rare cases there was an extremely long hang, which is now fixed.

- Performance in the map view significantly improved

- Performance drop when opening the bus overview with a lot of buses on the map fixed

- Freezes during autosave reduced


- For the automatically generated return trip, the same stops as for the outward trip are no longer taken as fixed, but nearby stops are also taken into account, so that unnecessary detours and street side changes are avoided on the return trip

- Fixed a bug that caused buses to fly across the map in rare cases

- Point of Interests are now hidden later when zooming out

- In the line view, the gains or losses of a line are now displayed directly

- New public service lines are now generated when expanding the map

- Fixed a bug that if you clicked on a live bus and the next tour was a service tour, the end time of the service tour was wrong

- Countries are now sorted in each language when a new game is played

- Fixed bug with missing 0s at the beginning of postcodes

- City selection significantly improved in the new game in South Korea (Many thanks to @Ijnsena @PC28K @Haenyeon @Jaehyeong!)


- When building, the required access points and blocked cells are now visually displayed.

- Workshops and washing facilities can no longer be deleted while they are in use

- Items are no longer automatically rotated on walls when this makes the items inaccessible

- Fixed a bug when building on the edge of the premises


- Fixed bug where staff could endlessly fail to find a path even though a new path was built

- Fixed bug that buses stopped in front of the parking space in newly built parking spaces in rare cases

- Bug fixed that buses drove to petrol stations / car washes / workshops that were not accessible at all

- Fixed a bug where buses did not disappear when exiting and blocked the exit

- Fixed bug that employees sometimes walked through the wall


- Update to Unity 2022.2

- The camera in the company area can now be zoomed out further

- Pause is no longer automatically ended in the game

- Increase of rewards for the task to increase the line network

- Turkish and Thai fonts added

- Added explanation of shortcuts when placing stickers in the paint shop

- Buses can now no longer have the same number plate

- Friendliness is now also shown in the staff overview

- Fixed a bug that in the bus detail view the next shift was not displayed correctly

- The day of the week of the next shift is now displayed in the bus detail view, if it is not the same day of the week

- Fixed a bug where the technical status was not updated in the Bus Detail view after a repair