Advent calendar + Giveaway

Christmas time is just around the corner. Therefore we made a Bus Company Simulator advent calendar for you where you can find small prizes behind every door.

Beside of ingame money for your multi- and singleplayer career as well as for your companies, you can also get experience points, substituion points and career points.

Additionally you get a winning code for every door you open, so the more doors you open the higher is the chance to win a main prize. The main prizes will be drawn at the end of December. The main prizes are:

  • 1x Cologne
  • 1x Munich
  • 1x Urbino Stadtbusfamilie

Many thanks to Aerosoft for providing the keys!

Important! The main prize winners will get an email from us, so have a look on your mailbox. We will send you an email, which you have to confirm. If you don't answer after 3 days, the prize will be drawn again.

We wish you a nice Christmas time, nice holidays and much time to play between the years!



To use the advent calendar, you must be logged in to the forum. The email address of your forum account must match the address of your BBS account in order to correctly identify your account.