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    I have tried to get access to my mail account, but can't remember the information that I had put in.

    Anyways, here is the receipt.

    This shows the amount of AOD coins I bought to buy AOD.

    EDIT: I finally remembered the details that I had put into my account. This issue is now solved.


    For some reason, I have 2 AOD accounts, 1 which I think is activated and another which isn't. Unfortunately, I cannot login into my activated account since I cant remember the password. The account which I am on about starts with '[email protected]*****.com' and the account which isn't activated is under the email address that I use now. I used AOD on my old computer with my account that is activated, but I cannot remember the password for it to log in on my new computer.

    Any help would be appreciated.

    EDIT: I still cant access my account since i forgot the password and the random password is sent to that other email address. But i can confirm that I bought it on/around the 4th of February.