Rent bus page changes to second-hand buses

  • Hi [PeDePe] Jan B.

    I was the one who created this event (idk if it matters). I got 3 managers (including me) and i asked one with premium. He said there was nothing wrong.

    One driver rent a bus successfully by himself with the right (he doesn't have premium).

    This happened yesterday. The event started from 14:00 UTC+1, Rheinhausen by 天津公交.

    Edit: I just tried to reproduce this problem and it seems to be a bug of logic:

    I started events without touching the Buy/Rent a bus in BCS. The control center can show the rent page in the right way.

    But after i checked the second-hand buses in BCS without visiting the buy/rent page again (i always do this recently), the control center seems to be stuck on the second-hand.

    It's like CCS will only read the most recent market page i choose in BCS but it will not bypass the second-hand market..

  • [PeDePe] Jan B.

    Set the Label from 2nd Level to Closed (Solution)