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    hello since about a week a go i cant play the game trough bus company simulator it allways gives me a error situation maps laststn.osn could not be load not matter what map i try also it happens with buses that i have installed and bus company simulator says i dont have it installed or is in ignore list.

    if you cold help me i would apreciate it

    here its the log from BCS

  • Hello fabs_WOLFSRUDEL

    at first sight, it doesn't seem to be a problem with BCS, but with OMSI itself. OMSI crashes and because of that, BCS closes.

    You can try the following:

    1. Go to the map folder of the map you want to drive and delete all laststn.osn...-files (don't forget to make a backup!). The choose a bus which is really working (for example the OMSI standard MAN; the MAN Caetano seems to be broken by the way!) and try it again.

    2. Try it with standard content: an OMSI standard bus on the map Grundorf or Spandau.

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    Jan B.

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