Bp Óbuda (2013) v1.1

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  • [PeDePe] Kevin F.

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  • Code
    I am already an old user, currently the manager of a company called BKV Zrt.
    I wanted to extend the Bp Óbuda v1.1 map,
    but I'm sorry to see it turned out to be the game.
    I would like to know why this happened and if it can be returned if possible?


    during the change of the previous month, I noticed that Óbuda v1.1 was removed from the selection.

    can it be resolved to get back?

  • [PeDePe] Kevin F.

    Set the Label from consultation in progress to In process
  • Hello

    The map was temporarily deactivated.

    It has now been reactivated and is available again!

    Have fun!


    Die Karte wurde kurzfristig deaktiviert.

    Sie wurde jetzt wieder aktiviert und ist wieder verfügbar!

    Viel Spaß

    Mit freundlichen Grüßen / Best regards

    Laurin Mair

    Supporter & Trip-Team

    - PeDePe -