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    GO Bus Virtual is an international virtual bus company, which is part of larger group called GO Group Virtual. We started off as VBS for AOD and later on moved to BCS. At the end of last year we expanded to Virtual Trucking also.


    Main rules we have:
    Use only English as our language
    – Never leave your bus running, turn everything off when finishing a job and that includes the destination display also
    – If you feel that something doesn’t work in the bus (heater, indicators, lights etc) and OMSI repair button does repair it, use the addon menu to report the problems and after you finish the trip move it to garage (5) from the depot so we can take a look at it. Also, please let us managers know about it.
    – We want all our drivers to join our discord server.


    At the time of writing this post, our company has:

    • 20 maps, including more popular maps and less common maps, both Left hand and right hand maps. We also include several fixes for some of the maps like Fictional Szcezin & Lemmental and we are pushing out our own company AI lists.
    • 86 buses, in most cases we use some kind of modification/update of the bus instead of original - all of the buses in our fleet have our own repaint
    • Our own discord server
    • Our own forums
    • Our own wiki
    • Timezone is set to UTC

    Payroll taxes: 50%
    Repair share: 75%



    Fulleylove, Blitzgamin55, Benji, Svenoss, Sambob_12

    If you are polite and don't cause troubles for others you will fit in right away.

    Our first Control Center event is planned for today 14:00 UTC (see your timezone on our news post).

    Sadly due to my mistake the event is locked to company members only (unless PeDePe staff can change it).

    Map of choice is Ahlheim & Laurenzbach

    More info on our news post: https://gogroupvirtual.eu/post…nter-event-friday-1400utc

  • We are still alive and kicking and here are our latest news

    London is here

    Dec 10, 2020

    Of course we have added London map to our company also!


    New buses: MB Conecto / Kajot Citybus

    Dec 01, 2020


    More news available on our homepage


    On behalf of our management team, I would like to wish everybody Happy Holidays! Make sure to relax and enjoy the holidays.

    Owner of GO Group Virtual

    Only reply in English to my posts, I don't understand German.

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