Suggestion for Control Center Simulator

  • I also felt after taking part of the event yesterday, that there is almost no reason for BCS drivers to get the addon. Reasons for this in my mind are:
    - Driving trips under CCS event doesn't help with your BCS progression really. Yes you do get 1EP per 1LP but at least I think it doesn't do anything with your goals.
    - Money wise, at least yesterday I got less than I get per 1 30min trip on BCS (though I am rank 13 so I get quite the bonus with that) with the Eurobus Bad Hüsseldorf event.

    - Driving for other companies does not help the company you belong to at all.

    What as a driver was different:
    - Instead of picking trip yourself you need to request it
    - Those small events (the one I got was aggressive passenger) where you need to interact with the control center

    - Let's be honest, the ticket inspector thing is more for managers/organizers also.

    Sure, it may add a new interesting prospect for managers/event organizers, but for drivers there is no reason really to get this addon.

    I get it, this addon is not meant to be part of BCS. but I feel it would be a lot better if they would work more well together, maybe for example, the drivers of BCS could drive for the event if the event is hosted by their own company without owning the addon or that it would help with their BCS progress a bit more etc?