Fikcyjny Szczecin - Missing tiles (solution)

  • Hi,

    as probably everybody know, map Fikcyjny Szczecin V2.5 isn't have fully generated and also cannot be generated.

    This is causing problems on CCS events, because there are maybe 10 missing stops and if you need mechanic for a engine malfunction, you cannot simply help to these players, also ticket inspectors are invisible once they get off on these stops.

    I'm suggesting to add blank tiles, so these missing bus stops are at least visible.

    So I found every missing tile and added blank tiles into Omni/res/Fikcyjny Szczecin/ if you want.

    Now these stops should be visible: Nowy Swiat, Spadkowa PT, Stolczyn + Stolczyn ul. Janoszykowa, Dabworka 62, Dabrowka 102, Byszewy, Boginia and Kopanka ul Dubois.