Berlin Spandau 2017 2.1

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  • Some time ago (3 months to be precise) a colleague from our Company opened a support ticket asking that Scunthorpe 2016 and Berlin Spandau 2017 maps be added to BCS. A month later I myself supported this request by opening another ticket requesting the same. Having now had numerous communications with the support team it seems these tickets and request had vanished and cannot be found.
    My current open ticket no is 1451EN and I have been advised by Noel in the support team to place this request here for action by the Trip Team. I can see from other post here in the Forum that Berlin Spandau 2017 has also been requested before now.
    As you can see from the ticket and communication we have numerous requests from our drivers to add these maps to BCS for their enjoyment.
    Can you please advise if there are any plans to add theses maps?
    If not, can we have a time frame of when they will be added so that we may report back to our drivers.
    Simon M

    THANK YOU Map Team. This map has now been added,:)

  • Die Karte ist nun eingebunden viel Spaß. Diese wird nur als V2.1 angezeigt, da der Mapbauer die Karte nicht in 2.2 in der Global geändert hat.
    Sollte aber trotzdem wie gewohnt laufen.

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