Free repairs? *Solved*

  • Hello,

    today I encountered new bug while repairing bus. When you do more manual repairs without disconnecting or leaving company, you don't pay next repairs except first. You will get bill only from first repair. Others are competely free, because you don't receive any other bills to pay.

    I started repairing bus in the garage. First repair was right indicator at 22:47 as you can in screenshot with my experience points. This was first repair which I did.

    I continued on repairing bus since there was more 3 damaged parts. After maybe 20 minutes I finally repair all 4 damaged parts. But when I wanted to pay bills for repairs, there was only one bill from first repair. So any other repairs were completely free for company.

    I'm attaching screenshots.

    First screenshot - I received 4 EP for 4 repairs. Second screenshot - paid bills (only first repair).



  • TheFloxiCz

    Changed the title of the thread from “NEW BUG | Free repairs” to “Free repairs? *Solved*”.