mapa brigadeiro e mapa metropolis

  • hello people from PEDEPE.

    I have some doubts and would like a position from you

    In Brazil we sent 2 MAPS for analysis and add them in MP would be BRIGADEIRO and MAP METROPOLIS because we ask to put these in CARRÃO CITY and SAVOY MUNICIPAL the maps are in analysis since July and until today abandoned in Brazil we want the maps in MP I saw that some members requested maps in September, October and have already been added in the case of munich and weppertal among others.

    I would like to emphasize that each Brazilian paid to have the DLC to play online was not free that we got now is a delay to replace 2 maps would be better since they are launching a new concept of transport that will surely be paid we will have to spend more money I would like to leave a suggestion for you PEDEPE that instead of you manage the maps who should manage would be the owner of the company he puts the map he wants and each one rotates on the map you want to be waiting for your good will to add maps we Brazilians have to be begging and your landlord leaves us here from Brazil

    Review your way of work because we pay dearly and we are discouraged to have to beg you to add maps

  • Hello, Glauber,

    I'd like to explain my position on foreign maps.

    On the one hand it is the language barrier that plays a big role.

    On the other hand I made the experience that foreign maps are sometimes very difficult to install.

    This is partly due to the language, but more importantly that often not all of the content is fully available.

    From time to time it happens that the missing content doesn't exist in Germany at all.

    But on your sides under circumstances are distributed. These Omsi friends but here in Germany this foreign language are not powerful. Translators also translate only in a meaningful way and often not exactly.

    There is no bad intention behind it but that is fact!

    I have already installed dozens of foreign maps myself. Turkish, Russian, Polish, Hungarian and other maps.

    If problems occurred in the maps it was always the same problem:

    Partially incomplete content that was simply missing. Cumbersome search for this content. Or content incorrectly or with completely wrong or other designation. Then you have to circumstantiate it if it should work at all. Of it have then from the few still less notion how this works. These maps have then no existence in Germany! Because very few people are familiar with the file management, search and installation of such foreign maps.

    As written, times from my view subjectively regarded.

  • friend so the problem here in the maps of Brazil is not a lack of files but the PEDEPE group wants me to contact the map developers to ask for permission and after that I can make the maps have a developer that doesn't even move but maps have recently finished maps I requested the inclusion of the GRAN CITY map just because it had some trees outside the squares streets inside the water was not approved due to small details then we observed that the PEDEPE class does not make an effort to make the map available. GRANCITY is written BETA but the map is now completed now the map owner is gone no one else thinks it and yet they refused the map so I am in favor of how I paid for the game if I own a company in MP I put the map that I I want in my company and my employees will work on the maps and not only the maps available in MP this new DLC that you will release hope this is more or less because you do not need to control the maps and yes the amounts collected financial income of the companies will be a better headache less for your landlady

  • Hello, Glauber,

    Unfortunately, you still haven't understood it, but I'd like to explain it to you again.

    We cannot and must not include maps where the copyright is not clear. Here it doesn't matter if the map comes from Brazil, France or Russia. That does not have to do with it `s.

    Likewise we do not take up beta maps. This has to do with the fact that they integrate and synchronization difficult and takes some time. And since these maps are not ready yet, the benefit and effort factor is simply too big. Which maps are recorded at which time is incumbent only on PEDEPE. We also have no obligation to record these or those maps. We do this voluntarily to give the Omsi user more driving pleasure. However, we must also adhere to applicable law in Germany!

    I hope, I could provide you a small insight, how our voluntary work looks in this thing.