Rodoviária Falcão Transportes

  • Hello,

    Currently, at "Falcão Transportes Bus Station", we are looking for more drivers.

    for our operation, I publish it on the OMSI2 bus operation simulator.

    Both of us, Carlos Falcao and gomis05, already have a lot of experience at BBS,

    and together we founded the "Falcão Transportes Highway" on October 7, 2019.

    Apply if company philosophy interests you:

    - We want to be a good team.

    - We fund the education of new students if necessary.

    - We organize company trips where we are all on a map.

    - We bring as much as possible to each driver their wish map + the wish bus.

    - We keep the payroll as small as possible. (currently: 56%, repair rate: 20%)

    - We welcome all who can communicate with us in German.

    - We drive when time permits. Real life happens to us.

    - We always provide all buses for all drivers.

    Currently, our bus fleet consists of 4 vehicles.

    Among them, currently, the MAN, Iveco city bus

    More buses we buy depending on your needs and wants!

    Always have a nice trip, I wish you

    Carlos Falcao + Team!

    Team gomis05 + Team!

    The map offer is also updated every month to your liking.

    Currently available:

    - Berlin Spandau 2017 V2.2

    - Berlin-Spandau

    - Ebstein

    - Grundorf

    - Projekt_Szczecin 4.0.1

    -Tettau 1.0


    Currently, BBS requires a minimum rating of 1 of all drivers that apply to us!

    Status of all data: 07.10.2019!