Problem with invisible walls

  • Hi,

    Recently i reinstall Omsi and Bcs. When i load only Omsi, all the maps and buses running correctly but when i load BCS, i can´t play because there are some walls invisibles and i crash whit them.

    Please, have you any solution for this problem:?::?:

    Thank you!!


  • Hello Ocsartage,

    In this case, Omsi and BBS can not help it.

    When invisible walls appear, the sole fault lies with the object builder.

    Since you have set the bounding box wrong. Now, if the faulty object is installed in a map, then it comes ultimately to such invisible walls.

    There are two options.

    Either you know a bit about Omsi and you remove the invisible wall, in this case the object, or you put down the bounding box or change it yourself. Who can not do all this, must drive each on the map without collision. In BBS there is a setting for it.

  • Hello, thank you for your answer.

    Curiously is when i play Omsi without BBS, I don't find any problem...

    Maybe the maps be corrupted by integration with BBS. I don't know.

    Thank you and I'll play without collisions.

    Regards !!

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