Fiktiv Szczecin V2.11.115 (2016) - Patch 11.05.2019

  • Hello, 2 years ago I released my our modificated Szczecin which is inspired by real Szczecin lines and town. Map contain 28 lines of which are 21 day lines and 7 night lines.

    On 11.05.2019 I released small patch (5 days ago).

    What´s new?

    Version V2.11.115 (11.05.2019):

    - Added polish money and tickets

    - Modified number of passengers on bus stops

    - Completely new timetables for all night tiles (created with real timetable)

    - Timetable changes between 21-hour and 23-hour

    - Fixed bugs in hof file

    - Fixed speed limits on some places

    - A lot of bugfixes

    - More enhacements

    Lists of lines:

    Official thread with map:

    For download, click on "DOWNLOAD V2.11.115 (11.05.2019)" and you will need to download missing splines which is next to the download with name "CHYBĚJÍCÍ SPLINY (FIX)".

    If you own older versions, you will need to delete old map folder!

    Required addons:

    Projekt Szczecin V4.0.1

    Best Regards,


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