How to put maps in multiplayer?

  • Well, good afternoon to you all. I apologize for any grammar error, because I'm using google translator.

    Currently, I have a map of my own based in my city of São Paulo (Brazil). And I want to put this map in MP, but I'm still working on version 3.0 of it. But also, today I know some of the authors, the best maps of Brazil. And to be honest, the MP is not very attractive to the Brazilian (and we like buses a lot). So, with the permission of the authors of other maps, I want to help the MP to have more content not only for Brazilians, but also you from other countries to know our work.

    How can I do this ?

  • Hi,

    you put your topic in Advanced Omnibus Driver Section. AOD is outdated and dont get and new Maps for Multiplayer. We are using Bus Company Simulator since two years.

    Mit freundlichen Grüßen und bleib gesund

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    Daniel Trenzen
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