Direct3D-Device lost!

  • Hello everyone, I'm going to use google translate, so sorry for any grammar mistakes.

    Recently, I'm having a problem I've never had with Omsi that when I choose a bus, in the logfile this error appears "Direct3D-Device lost!" Oh, he keeps trying to restart all the time. Depending on the bus I'm trying to play, I'm forced to give up. And they are buses that I played before these mistakes. Does anyone know how to solve this problem?

    Thank you for your attention.

  • 193 18:19:04 - - Warning: Direct3D-Device lost!

    194 18:19:04 - - Information: Direct3D-Device resetted!

    195 18:19:04 - - Information: Reset State Matrices...

    196 18:19:04 - - Information: Start Tex Thread...

    197 18:19:04 - - Information: Init Red Line...

    198 18:19:04 - - Information: Set Initial Render States...


    Before, I thought the problem was on my map. But no, on the game map also occurs this.

  • Hello naoenchee1


    In "Sceneryobjects \ Mapa Vila Clara v1.0 \ Vilarejo \ Conjunto Habitacional_Cidade Tiradentes \ Tradicional \ SP_COHAB CIDADE TIRADENTES (13) .sco" there was an error in line 20!


    Please run this map (Vila Clara V1.0) completely with Maptool to easily check if all objects are ok.


    Direct3D device lost!

    Error Cause:

    "Direct3D device lost" usually means that another program has stolen the "Focus" of Windows (i.e. the program running in the "foreground"). As a result, the graphics card is no longer available.

    The result: Omsi crashes!


    Please send your computer configuration. Which hardware did you install?

    In Omsi main folder there is a folder. This is called "_CommonRedist".

    select this folder and open!

    Furthermore, there are these two subfolders: "DirectX \ Jun2010 \" select them and click.

    Did you do that you will get a list of files.

    Please select this file "DXSETUP.exe" and double-click this file.

    Then when the installation is complete, you restart your computer.

    Then please check if Omsi does not crash any more.

  • Sorry for the delay. I did the procedure, but the problem persists.

    My notebook configuration.

    Intel (R) Core (TM) i5 CPU M 460 @ 2.53GHz

    4 logical processors

    2 physical processors

    Driver: Intel (R) HD Graphics

    DirectX Driver Name: igdumdx32.dll

    Driver Version:

    DirectX Driver Version:

    Driver Date: 1 30 2013

    OpenGL Version: 2.1

    Desktop Color Depth: 32 bits per pixel

    Refresh Rate Monitor: 60 Hz

    DirectX Card: Intel (R) HD Graphics

    RAM: 5933 Mb

  • Hello nao,

    Did you do my last tip?

    To make matters worse in your mistakes,

    that you have a weak computer for Omsi. Especially the graphics card with you makes me look after Omsi.

    This is an internal graphics card.

    Often these cards are not / rarely designed for such play

    Also, your processor is hard for Omsi at the lower limit.

    Did it ever work on the same computer before?

  • I swear I do. So much so that today I am map editor, called Map Vila Clara. And I always played quietly. Some maps are separate cases. And I'd never seen that mistake before. And the step by step of reinstalling the dx, I did. And he continued the same thing.

    Sometimes when I play, I'm forced to check that option that slows down the game, but decreases the chance of errors. Oh, the percentage of errors and I can not play, they increase. Only this way...

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