del pest 4.0 map

  • please add a Delpest 4.0 map on multiplayer this is my favoryte map and i live here in budapest

    i know one map is adding i budapest but the obuda is laggi and so much bug

    because the obuda ailist is bad writhing but delpest 4.0 map is get a good and simple ailist and not lagging and working good

    soo please add this map a multiplayer Thanks and love you make the omsi :3

    the best thing the multiplayer :3 sort of

  • sure!8IRUSIoZ!lpi…1vcRnywpkYKuKsPJQQcf8wdZc

    this is my megadrive but trasfering your account and work :3
    and thanks and waithing

    and here the original!pfphGYgI!lpi…1vcRnywpkYKuKsPJQQcf8wdZcél-Pest-v40

    A real Hungarian track, literally, because it is not a fictional but a real South Pest. There are 7 real bus lines on the track that are located in the 18th and 19th centuries of Budapest. district. Beautifully developed streets, buildings (eg: KÖKI), objects enrich our time spent on the course.


    182 ► Alacskai úti lakótelep ↔ Kőbánya Kispest M

    183 ► Szemeretelep vasútállomás ↔ Szarvas Csárda tér

    184 ► Pestszentimre Benjámin utca ↔ Kőbánya Kispest M

    193E ► Ganztelep, Mednyánszky utca ↔ Kőbánya Kispest M

    282E ► Pestszentimre, Benjámin utca ↔ Kőbánya-Kispest M

    284E ► Pestszentimre, Benjámin utca ↔ Kőbánya-Kispest M

    50VP (villamospótló) ►Pestszentlőrinc, Béke Tér ↔ Pestszentlőrinc Szarvas Csárda Tér